I think about hard problems and occasionally write code to solve them. But mostly, I stand on a soapbox proffering unsolicited opinions about almost anything.

February 8, 2018

Bringing Order to Web Design Chaos

In my maturation as a Software Engineer, I’ve found that stories of the problems and solutions that other engineers have encountered to be invaluable tools for improving and learning. So, I’m going to start sharing some of my code stories. This is the first of (hopefully) many. This is the story of an interesting engineering effort I’ve participated in over the last year. It’s been a really fun side project for me (~20 hours a week at the start, ~5 hours a week since then), which has allowed me to experiment with some fun new technologies and implement some cool stuff. Read more

January 28, 2018

It's Okay to Be Boring

I’ve been wanting to have a programming blog for a while. I’ve had fits and starts, but I always get bogged down in starting to write my own site engine. In my mind, it’s not enough to just throw something up on Blogspot; I’ve got to code it myself. I’m a developer, right? Developing is what I do! However, writing a blogging engine is Hard. I mean, I can mix a markdown parser and some JS and stick it all on Github, but it eventually penetrated my brain that someone already solved this problem. Read more

July 29, 2017

From My Archive: Emojifying my Bash Prompt (and why you should too)

Note: This post was previously published on dev.to. Warning: Dumb Stuff ahead This post contains some Dumb Stuff. If you take yourself too seriously, you may want to go find something a little less whimsical to read 😁. /warning Let’s face it - development work can sometimes be hard on the psyche. When the unrealistic project deadlines approaching or the mountains of technical debt are looming, sometimes a small little pop of happiness can get you through the day. Read more

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